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 E-P Commercial Eyeleter and Punch

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E-P Commercial Eyeleter and Punch (pat. pend.)

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Our single feed E-P Commercial Eyeleter and Punch is an excellent cost-effective solution for short runs when a receiving hole for the eyelet is needed. The eyeleter function is designed to use all of our D series eyelets to secure work equal to 70 sheets of paper. The punch is designed to punch receiving holes for the eyelet setting operation. The E-P Commercial Eyeleter and Punch easily converts from an eyeleter to a punch and then back to an eyeleter by removing the two eyelet dies, sliding the punch unit onto the base and securing the punch with one screw. The punch can punch material equal in thickness up to 30 sheets of typing paper, 1/8 inch masonite, up to four credit cards, vinyl, and similar thickness of stiff materials. We do not recommend punching more that 30 sheets at a time however. If you need to punch more, first punch 30 sheets and then overlay one of the punched sheets on the remaining sheets and pinch the rest. Custom sized die sets are available upon request however the thickness of effective punching may be affected. It is not designed to punch metal however with enough force on the handle and while stabilizing the E-P it can punch up to 50 sheets of paper. 

The E-P has the same features of our D-E Commercial Eyeleter with adjustable limits and an automatic handle return. The E-P has a 3-1/4 inch throat depth for eyelet setting and a 1- inch throat for the punch unit.

Available Eyelets 

              Series D-11 eyelets are used for thickness up to 50 to 70 sheets of paper
            are $ 7.30 per 100
              Series D-9 eyelets are used for thickness up to 40 to 60 sheets of paper
            are $ 7.30 per 100
              Series D-3 Bates eyelets are used for thickness up to 1 to 7 sheets of paper.
                                                                                                        are $ 39.00 per 1,000
              Series D-2 Bates eyelets are used for thickness up to 5 to 15 sheets of paper.
                                                                                                        are $ 29.00 per 1,000
              Series D-1 Bates eyelets are used for thickness up to 10 to 25 sheets of paper.
                                                                                                        are $ 36.00 per 1,000
              Series D-0 eyelets are used for thickness up to 20 to 35 sheets of paper.
                                                                                                        are $ 39.00 per 1,000

Price is $ 995.00 plus $ 20.00 S&H. This item weighs over 22 pounds.

For more information about design and application options, please call and ask for Earl -- Tuesday to Saturday 9:00 to 1:00 Eastern.

We mention paper thickness as a guide and are referring to standard weight (20 lb.) printer paper stock.


E-P Commercial Eyeleter and Punch Specifications as shown including base:


Height:    15"

Width:    8 1/2"

Depth:    11"

Weight:    approx. 22 lbs.

To Order:

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